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 Processing equipment from Norfab Equipment: when you need the job done quickly and efficiently it’s the natural choice.

In past years, we were involved in many of the large salmon processing factory developments in Scotland. Our clients included Orkney Salmon, Mainstream, Panfish, Marine Harvest, West Minch Salmon and Fjord Seafood. Today we offer everything from a complete gutting and packing line through to individual items to meet your requirements.

Since the introduction of mechanized processing systems, particularly gutting machines, we have adapted our skills and know-how to integrating separate machines within process lines, tieing them together with intermediate conveyors and bins to feed the fish in a controlled manner to the operatives. Our most recent project, at Swiss Lachs in Lostallo, Switzerland is featured on our Facebook page, please click the link below to go there direct. Our emphasis is on very careful design to eliminate sharp edges where fish scales can get damaged and on making every item easy to keep immaculately clean and free of traps where fat and bree can build up.

We are also heavily involved in handling process wastes from lines. Offal, bloodwater, harvest ice and secondary process waste all have to be efficiently removed from the factory floor without disrupting production and eliminating heavy lifts. We have a number of simple and effective solutions to solve your waste handling problems, to mince it up and pump it away. Just give us a call.

Case Studies

Orkney Salmon Company – Kevin Tait, Orkney Salmon Co

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Client Feedback

It is nice to see the silage work continuing. We have a lot of positive feedback from growers on your assistance setting up the systems, and your training of the work crews here in Nfld. It was great to hear! I think the buy-in of the work crew can make or break a project no matter how strong the concept is.

Jonathan Kawaja
Environmental Scientist (Aquaculture) at Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods

I have been using the Supermort model for approx. 10 years on four individual units on different salmon sites. I have found the structure of this unit to be very robust and capable of withstanding pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Donald Macleod
West Loch Roag South Farms Manager,

"Ensiler is working very well, glad to have it, and see it as a valuable process"

Sheldon George, Production Manager
Labrador and Newfoundland at Cold Ocean Salmon

Aqualine Catvis