Typhoon Feed Cannon

The Typhoon feed cannon range has been designed to satisfy the need for simple reliable machines to blow fish feed from a workboat direct into the pen.

Typhoon feed cannons are available in a wide choice of sizes and configurations to cater for the majority of farm requirements. Standardisation of design means that all Typhoon feeders use the same engine, transmission and blower combination. Models with metered feed delivery use the same rotary feed valve and motor assembly. The materials used to build Typhoon feed cannons are corrosion resistant, either aluminium alloy or stainless steel.

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At the start of the range is a basic open framed feed cannon, with a choice of 200 kg up to 500 kg hopper sizes. It has a direct engine driven blower and venturi feed delivery, relying on a simple bag count to determine the volume of feed delivered to each pen.

Next is a 500 kg capacity feeder with hydraulically driven metered feed delivery, digital counter and either a hydraulic powered or engine driven blower. The machine is built on an aluminium chassis with a removable aluminium hopper assembly enclosing the working parts.

At the top of the range is a 1000 kg machine with similar features to its smaller relative above.

Powering the Typhoon feed cannon is a reliable single-cylinder Lombardini diesel engine, available with either recoil or electric start, driving the blower through twin V belts.

The blowers used in Typhoon Feed Cannons are made are made by a specialist company in Germany and will give years of reliable service if looked after. On models with metered feed delivery, the engine also drives a hydraulic pump to power the rotary valve, operated by a manual start/stop control.

Metered feed delivery is measured by an electronic sensor counting the revs of the rotary valve spindle. The count is displayed on an LED enclosed in a waterproof box at the front of the machine. Calibrating by weighing a known volume of feed, a grammes per rev figure can be established against the known volume per rev. of the rotary valve, giving a good level of feed delivery accuracy.

Norfab have established an excellent reputation for supplying trusty and durable aquacultural equipment over many years. The Typhoon feed cannon carries forward our reputation and will help you to feed your fish reliably and accurately with the minimum of fuss.

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Client Feedback

It is nice to see the silage work continuing. We have a lot of positive feedback from growers on your assistance setting up the systems, and your training of the work crews here in Nfld. It was great to hear! I think the buy-in of the work crew can make or break a project no matter how strong the concept is.

Jonathan Kawaja
Environmental Scientist (Aquaculture) at Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods

I have been using the Supermort model for approx. 10 years on four individual units on different salmon sites. I have found the structure of this unit to be very robust and capable of withstanding pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Donald Macleod
West Loch Roag South Farms Manager, www.scottishsalmon.com

"Ensiler is working very well, glad to have it, and see it as a valuable process"

Sheldon George, Production Manager
Labrador and Newfoundland at Cold Ocean Salmon

Aqualine Catvis