SSCo Supermort

MH SunartI have been using the Supermort ensiler for approx. 10 years on four individual units on different salmon sites.  I have found the structure of this unit to be very robust and capable of withstanding pretty much anything you can throw at it.  With the correct quantity of fish and acid mix it will macerate approx. 1 tonne of 3-4kg fish within 20 minutes. With the wide mouth opening a whole 1000lt tub of fish can be poured in, although we do have issues with spillage.  We currently use a large metal platform for loading this unit as the opening is 6ft from ground level.  I contacted Chris recently to ask if he could come up with a simple loading mechanism that will allow us to load a 1000lt tub safely while minimising any spillage.  The design he came up with looks perfect for easy loading of small quantities by hand and for loading large 1000lt tubs with the aid of a forklift truck or crane.

Any issues I have encountered with this unit over the years have been primarily motor failure caused by foreign bodies entering the unit and becoming jammed in the pump mechanism through operator error.  The chopper blade can become damaged if it comes in contact with a foreign body primarily a metal object (operator error).   The breaker needed replacing on occasion due to overloading caused by the motor jamming or failing (operator error).  The start/stop control box has failed on occasion mainly due to water ingress as it was positioned incorrectly on the ensiler body too close to the opening.  This problem has been resolved by positioning the control away from the ensiler body and providing a metal enclosure to prevent it from being damaged and will minimise water ingress.  The main power cable to the motor was cut by the motor as the cable was not correctly glanded following removal and replacement of the motor (operator error).  I have seen the cast body of a pump deteriorate due to the use off excess acid, although this motor may have been quite old.  The motor needs to be removed regularly on our sites to remove any build-up of small rope cuttings around the chopper blade/ pump cutter as they will eventually stop the motor and potentially cause it to burn out.  This is a problem on our sites due to small cuttings of rope entering the mort extraction system on our marine cages.

Generally speaking as long as no foreign objects enter the ensiler it will run very effectively with little or no failure for a long time.  I am very happy with our Supermort and have not seen or used a better system that is as easy to operate and maintain.  We have had this unit work its way through hundreds of tonnes of morts each year as we have over 3.5million salmon on our farms operating two Supermort units.  I would recommend this unit along with the new loading system that Chris has recently designed, as well as some replacement parts  i.e. chopper blade, breakers & switches or a control box.

Donald Macleod
West Loch Roag South Farms Manager

Client Feedback

It is nice to see the silage work continuing. We have a lot of positive feedback from growers on your assistance setting up the systems, and your training of the work crews here in Nfld. It was great to hear! I think the buy-in of the work crew can make or break a project no matter how strong the concept is.

Jonathan Kawaja
Environmental Scientist (Aquaculture) at Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods

I have been using the Supermort model for approx. 10 years on four individual units on different salmon sites. I have found the structure of this unit to be very robust and capable of withstanding pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Donald Macleod
West Loch Roag South Farms Manager,

"Ensiler is working very well, glad to have it, and see it as a valuable process"

Sheldon George, Production Manager
Labrador and Newfoundland at Cold Ocean Salmon

Aqualine Catvis